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47 Year Old Woman overcomes Spinal Cord trauma with MISS at Sai Shree Hospital

A 47 years old woman injured in a road accident, complained of pain in her back, tingling in both legs and inability to walk after the accident.  She is being treated at SaiShree Hospital, Aundh, Pune with Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) technique of Percutaneous Pedicle Fixation System by experts team from Sai Shree.

After the accident, patient underwent X-rays & MRI of the affected region and was diagnosed with a fractured Lumbar vertebra with the fractured bony fragment pressing on the Spinal Cord. This requires immediate attention and removal of the pressure on the Spinal Cord. The patient also had a pre-existing cardiac condition that made her a high risk candidate for Anesthesia and Surgery. Considering this Doctors team from Saishree Hospital decided to operate her using Percutaneous Pedicle Fixation System, this technique is safer as we need not open the fractured vertebra, but instead under Live X-ray control put 2 screws in the vertebra above and 2 screws in the vertebra below the fractured level with very short Surgical time and minimal Anesthesia. Patient was mobilized the following day and sent home within 48 hours from the time of surgery.

“Percutaneous screw fixation is increasingly being used as a minimally invasive fixation method for treating lumbar and thoracic spine disorders this provides with an indirect internal fixation of the fracture. However, this method is rarely used to treat the cervical spine because of its small dimensions and proximity to neurovascular structures.” Said, Dr. Neeraj Adkar
There are many benefits to having minimally invasive fixation, including: Small incisions. Small scars, shorter hospital stay after surgery, cosmetic healing, and after this surgery patient can start supported walking within 24 hours.   

Media contact: Aspire PR & Strategies Pvt. Ltd  Varsha Marathe, 9370220270


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