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  • Plans To Launch KIL Merchandising And KIL Cafes Along With A Thrilling MMA League
15th November 2017; Mumbai: Toyam Industries Limited, a public listed company is set to revolutionize the business of sports leagues across the globe. The company will soon be launching its marque property in the form of Kumite 1 League along with aggressive plans to venture into Hospitality, Healthcare, KIL Arena, Gaming, Merchandising and KIL Café’s across the country. The first café in the chain has already been launched at Versova in Andheri. It is a 4000 sq ft sports themed café and the company plans to launch three more KIL cafes in immediate future in rest of the metros. Kumite 1 league is an integrated sports platform to create ‘Role Models’ from among the fighters in the thrilling and fun to watch league. Toyam Industries Limited is in the process of redefining Martial Arts as a youth centric brand by giving a global platform to the underground talent of India.

The origin of martial arts has been globally attributed to India with ‘Kalaripayattu’ and Toyam Industries Limited is geared-up to take this sports to a global platform. “Sport leagues have offered immense exposure to not just local players but also to some international sporting legends. Realizing the impact of Sports on the entire economy, industry and entertainment, we have decided to venture into the business of Sports and Entertainment. We have put together a great board of Executive Officers and Advisors to launch this venture on a grand scale which would redefine the concept of a Sports League across the globe”, said Mr. Mohammedali Budhwani, Chairman & MD, Toyam Industries Limited.
The league will be launched with an exhibition match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan very soon and will be followed by fighters from across the globe in the competition next year. “We feel it’s the right time for businesses to collaborate with properties like Kumite 1 League in the nascent stages. The initial response from the market is highly positive. We have been in talks with some of the biggest corporate houses for tie-ups in different verticals for ancillary businesses operated by Toyam Industries Limited. Apart from that, we are planning to acquire a popular sports league in the country and we will soon make this announcement to public”, adds Mr. Budhwani.

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