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Advanced Tattoo Training techniques by Renowned International Artist Sir Anil Gupta at Aliens Tattoo Studio

Aliens Tattoo Studio organizes Advanced Tattoo Training techniques by Worlds renowned Artist Sir Anil Gupta from 6th November 2017 to 12th November 2017 atMalad Studio. Sir Anil Gupta conducted exclusive 7-days Tattoo training program on Advance Tattoo Techniques. Sir Anil Gupta is one of the Top 10 artists in world and also one of the first students from India who has learned tattoo. Sir Anil Gupta specializes in Biomechanical tattoo which no one does. More than 40-50 artists from overall India is attended tattoo training course for advanced techniques.
 Tattoo Workshop is designed in such a way that it boosts your tattoo learning process. It exactly helps you identify what is missing in your tattooing knowledge/process which is slowing you down. You become aware of your mistakes/weaknesses and get to know the best practices to overcome them. It helps open your mind to explore new areas where you may perform better in a very short span of time. We break the habit of slow learning process and boost it with realistic progressive targets which will put you on a new path which will take you ahead faster than ever.
Sunny Bhanushali, Founder of Aliens Tattoo studio & Leading Tattoo artist says, “This is exclusive, It happened for the first time in the history of IndianTattoo Industry. Never before has any Master have conducted a tattoo training program which reveals and shares all of his secrets and techniques. His whole-hearted intention to share his immense knowledge and experience he gathered in last 2 decades elevated ones art skills, enlighten our life too, to some degree.”
 Sir Anil Gupta, Renowned International Tattoo artist, says “Tattoo training is not just about learning new techniques, it is about changing the way you see the very Tattoo Art. It guides you to become a better artist, a team player, to share your knowledge to everyone who seeks it. It helps you understand that every artistworks towards one goal “to get better everyday”, it’s not about competing with others, it is about self realization, the fact that you compete with yourself to get better than yourself every day. You will be a changed person by the time we finish this event.”
 “This has been a dream of every Indian tattoo artist to learn tattoo art from the Master himself, master of Bio-Mechanical and 3D tattoo art, Sir Anil Gupta. This is a life-changing opportunity to the entire aspiring tattoo artist nationwide and globally.” adds Sunny.
About Sir Anil Gupta: He needs no introduction in the field of tattoo and art. His journey from Indian art scene to New York underground tattoo industry, from underdog to worlds Top Ten most expensive tattoo artists, from student to Master of Bio-Mechanical tattoos of all time, is known to all tattoo-sapiens around the globe. His work on Bio-Mechanical and 3D art has put the whole world in awe.


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